As much as we would like to present our new games live to you again, we have nevertheless decided to cancel our stand for this year’s SPIEL in Essen.

To clarify: We support the hygiene and protection concept of the Merz publishing house, including the mask requirement, without which a presence fair would not even be feasible at the moment. Current news from major events in Europe even suggest that even stricter measures may be needed.

As a small publishing house with just 2 people, we depend on the help of our team, which has been working together for years, to present 2F games at the fair in the best possible way. Without our 15-20 helpers, delivery and removal of all materials, assembly and dismantling, as well as running the stand during the four public days would not be possible.

Due to this year’s situation, we asked the team to ignore their helper instinct, which we highly appreciate, and instead decide for themselves whether they want to participate in the fair on site. The majority of the team voted to sit out another year.

However, only with a rump team we cannot guarantee that we can consistently implement the necessary hygiene and protection requirements at and around our stand for the protection of everyone – the visitors and our team. Under no circumstances do we want even one person to fall ill with Corona as a result of visiting our stand and therefore prefer not to be present on site.

Since we are currently not allowed to participate in due to our cancellation, we will try our best to inform you about our new games here on our website and at Boardgamegeek

We sincerely hope that we will meet you all again at SPIEL in 2022, and that we will all come through this pandemic vaccinated, healthy and, of course, preferably not infected at all.

We wish you lots of fun with all the games!

Friedemann & Henning