Fabled Fruit
– German Edition –

Designer: Friedemann Friese
Illustrator: Harald Lieske

Game requirements

# of players: 2 to 6
Age: 8+
Playing time: 30 minutes

Theme of the game

Once upon a time there was a marvelous forest full of gorgeous fruits. These fruits came in vivid colors with the sweetest tastes. And the best part was the fruits could be squeezed and mixed into the most delicious juices.

You are animals living in this forest, searching for the most savory fruits. You find them with the help of friendly forest-dwellers. They give you fruits, trade them with you or help you in other ways. It is most advantageous to be the first at these locations. If you are already at a location, you get a fruit from the animals arriving after you.

You are greedy and thirsty. Who will be the first to satisfy their appetite for fabled juices?

Idea of the game

Fabelsaft is a Fable game.

A Fable game is one where the gameplay changes over time. The first time you play, the game starts in its initial state, which is a relatively simple state. But as you explore deeper into the game system, the mechanisms and gameplay experience will evolve. You play the game many times, and each play changes the game slightly. However, the game is never permanently changed. At any time you may easily restart a Fable game from the beginning, either after you have run through the entire game system, or at any time during the multiple plays you will get from this game system. The Fable game will remain just as playable on the 20th play as it was on the first play of the game.

Game Components

  • 240 oversized location cards
  • 70 fruit cards
  • 7 wooden animals
  • 17 tokens
  • 1 rules booklet
  • 1 Glossar

License editions

Further editions of the game have been published by our partners for the following countries / language areas: