Fast Sloths
– Bilingual Edition: Faultier –

Faultier (DE & US) - Cover

Designer: Friedemann Friese
Illustrations: Harald Lieske


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Game requirements

# of player: 2 to 5
Age: 8+
Playing time: 60 minutes

Theme of the game

You are sloths: cuddly, lazy, and, oh well, slothful. You are sitting around in your beloved trees, of course. You want to pick up tasty leaves on other trees — but running around yourselves is just too tedious.

All animals (humans, too) gladly take a vacation; thus, all together travelled into the resort. Now, we are sitting around, while all the other animals run throughout the country. We want to look around, too, if not for being so lazy. Once across the map to pick up the palatable leaves. That would be great! Running around ourselves really is so tedious. All other animals have fun, and we want that, too, if not for being so slothful.

And then we have the idea: we let us carry around by the other animals, thus getting around nicely. The others animals have so much energy, they even gladly carry us. They are not the least lazy or slothful.

Idea of the game

Fast Sloths is a race game that at its core is a classic pick-up-and-deliver game — except that you yourselves are the cargo being delivered. You are being carried along the whole way and never take a single step on your own!

You always play with 6 out of 12 different animal species, and you can place the giant game board in 4 different combinations. On a turn, you draw 2-3 cards of different animal species from the top of their face-up decks, then you play as many animal cards as you like of a single species. Each animal species provides a different type of movement or interaction with you, with ants carrying you along in a chain, or the elephant throwing you with its trunk.

Fast Sloths is a game free from randomness that evolves only through the interaction between the players, doing so without any “take that“ mechanisms — except for you snatching an Animal from under the other players‘ noses because you need to use it yourself.

Each race offers new challenges for you to get to the different trees faster than the other Sloths. Enjoy all 256 different combinations, each with countless starting positions of the animals on the game board.

Game Components

  • 1 two-part & double-sided giant game board
  • 5 sloth boards
  • 5 wooden sloths
  • 45 wooden leaves
  • 34 animal discs
  • 120 cards
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 2 overview sheets (English and German)
  • 2 rules booklets (English and German)

License editions

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